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Watch, Write & Wait by Greg Mundis

Greg Mundis, executive director of Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM), shared a message at the Global International Church Summit on Wednesday. Greg and wife Sandie have hearts for international…


GICN Session: Church Planting Explosion

Chris Duncan, Medan Chris Duncan shared story about his 8-month-old church plant (Medan). ‘The team was everything to me.’ We start small group at 7:00pm and end at 2:00 am…we’re…


Breakout sessions

Post-modern Countries with dominate religion Countries who have restricted acesss Post-Modern Session Paul Trementozi Regional Director, Europe We don’t really talk about post modern anymore we talk about secularism. What…


Answering The Call To Be Relevant & Redemptive…The Importance of a Global International Church Network by Terry Hoggard

Over their two decades of international ministry in Europe, Terry and Ruthanne Hoggard watched the gradual transformation of Europe from a continent of independent nations with national currencies, languages and…


Why I Believe In International Church Ministry by Jeff Hartensveld

In 1989, Jeff and Liz Hartensvelds were approved as missionaries to Indonesia and arrived on the field in September 1990. The Hartensvelds spent a year in language school to learn Bahasa…


Group Sharing According to Church Size (over 500)

Group Sharing According to Church Size (over 500) Session with Church size mtg – best practices Dale – Shanghai    Dedicate the entire Sunday for ministry – multiple services, leaders…


Group Sharing Under 200

Group Sharing Under 200 (see additional article) Notes taken by Jeff Slaughter For revisions email Jeff at: Went around and share names and backgrounds. Best practice Christopher – Indonesia…


Leroy Cloud Notes

Tuesday Leroy Cloud Notes Leroy Cloud “I’m concerned that the baptism of the Holy Spirit isn’t being preached in the church today.” He shared stories about churches in places like…


Tuesday Overview

GICN May 25, 2015 Tuesday Tuesday Overview Dave Kenney opened the morning with a review of the day’s activities which include a message delivered by Leroy Cloud, former pastor of…

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