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Who We Are

Global International Church Network (GICN) is a relational connection for a global network of international churches.

Thus, we exist to inspire regional development, influence national initiatives and ultimately impact our individual international churches on a local level.

Together we celebrate our significant diversity, are committed to the strategic development of our member churches and are called to make a spiritual difference in our international communities.

What We Do

Global ICN works to see international churches across the world connect relationally. Our vision is to:

Establish Visibility

By providing resources that are relevant to international church leaders.

Encourage Vision

By serving our regional, national, and local leaders with engaged support.

Enhance Vitality

By promoting relational connection and ministry/vision development.

We believe that through connection, we will form a synergy that inspires regional development, influences national initiatives, and ultimately impacts international churches on a local level.

Our Story

The idea for Global ICN was birthed during a time of worship and prayer at Summit 2011 of the Fellowship of European International Churches (FEIC). Several members commented on friends of international churches outside of Europe who sought to have the same relational community that we enjoy in Europe. Several pastors and leaders of international churches from outside of Europe were already attending Summit events, with others connected through online correspondence. The need for a global relational connection resurfaced throughout the conference. Clearly, God was speaking.

Coming away from the 2011 Summit, FEIC Founder Terry Hoggard felt that God was leading us to invest in creating a global network to connect international churches relationally. Since then, joining with the Assemblies of God World Mission, a development team has worked to establish the foundation and functionality of GICN.

Today, the Hoggards serve as relational leaders of this network, and travel extensively encouraging international church pastors, leadership and their congregations.

Where We Are Going

Global International Church Network (GICN) Development Plan

Create the pathway that will enable us to pursue our passion to establish a relational connection for a global network of international churches.

Connect with every possible network church and national partner to assure that we are intentionally inclusive

Commit to seeing our passion for international church ministry fulfilled on a regional, national and local level

Cooperate with our network partners to ensure the ongoing development and vitality of their international ministry initiatives.

Celebrate the potential that comes from working in close relationship with network churches and national partners.

How To Get Involved

Global International Church Network (GICN) MEMBERSHIP PROCESS

GICN is a relational connection for a global network of international churches that are accountable to an organizational network and identify with a national network of which Assemblies Of God World Missions (AGWM) is a partner.

The community gained by establishing relational connections between international churches facilitates ministry initiatives, encourages synergy and multiplies impact.

The process of joining includes:

  • Recommendation from a GICN member
  • Approval from your organizational and national network
  • Commitment to walk in agreement with GICN

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