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Tuesday Overview


May 25, 2015

Tuesday Overview

Dave Kenney opened the morning with a review of the day’s activities which include a message delivered by Leroy Cloud, former pastor of ICA Hong Kong; breakout groups divided into those whose churches are (1) less than 200; (2) between 200-500; and (3) more than 500. Lunch is at 12 noon followed by a ‘speed dating’ session at 2:00 pm in which conference participants will share about their ministries in small groups. At 4:00 pm there will be worship and a message by Jeff Hartensveld, followed by dinner aat various restaurants.

Leroy Cloud’s Message (see notes)

Group Sharing According to Church Size (see notes)

Best practices

Unusual opportunities

Issue of staffing and volunteers


Enjoyed a wonderful dinner of roasted chicken, barbeque pork ribs and meatballs in marina sauce as well as mac-and-cheese, fried rice and tasty desserts in brownies and lemon squares. Thanks Dave and team for doing such a great job with our meals!

Speed Dating Sessions

Conference participants divided themselves into small groups to get to know each other better by answering such questions as: share what kind of church government under which your church operates and how your church handles finances.

Brief word from Joel Ellis

After a refreshing time of afternoon worship, Joel Ellis shared some about Global University and how he was available to answer questions until the evening and then he and his wife were going on to China.

Jeff Hartensveld (see notes)

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