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GICN Session: Church Planting Explosion

Chris Duncan, Medan

Chris Duncan shared story about his 8-month-old church plant (Medan). ‘The team was everything to me.’ We start small group at 7:00pm and end at 2:00 am…we’re like family. We had internationals involved from the beginning who wanted to be involved.

Dave, Argentina/Springfield

Spent 25 years in Argentina; now in Springfield as area director. Have had international churches on my heart for our region for a long time and now as an AD I’m able to help move that forward. I’ve sent out a letter to each of my four area Ads and asked them to recommend cities in their areas that would be good places for international churches.

Unreached people groups are still neglected groups. The IC church possibilities in Latin America/Carribean can help reach these people.

It seems like the time is now.

Larry Henderson, Vienna

National partnerships are important. “Nationals used to ask us how our experiments are doing. Now they are asking us how to do international churches.”

Even though we have 70+ churches in 37 countries, we still need more churches in gateway cities. We have a mixture of new missionaries – young guys being part of a team. We’re putting teams together to plant; identifying people on the field who have experience.

Dave Kenney

Shared a story about a young Chilean man who found the Lord at IES Jakarta but when he was transferred back to Chile, Dave didn’t know where to tell him to go to church.

Now that we have a network, we can facilitate that.

Greg Mundis

“From a macro perspective – there is so much talent, gifting, finances, people within your region – why not think in terms of looking at the great people in your congregation or region for help with planting churches.”

Dave Kenney talked about reaching unreached people groups and using those who are converted to be missionaries to their people. Greg Mundis suggested that there be intentionality in discipling and mentoring these people to help them adjust back to their culture.


Our churches have great capacity to be catalysts in their nations – our people are very aware of how important it is for missionary things to be done. Also a great covering for churches who have a longing as well. About being a good steward. It’s not about keeping it unto ourselves but about pouring it in other directions.


We’re behind in planting international churches. Would love to have more information about how to plant international churches.

Dave referenced this website:

Dave said we don’t plant branches, but churches.

Dave told story of 24 women in a church who had converted from another religion to Christianity so they could marry. The men drank, womanized, beat them and abandoned them. The women could have returned home but what they found in Jesus was so strong they stayed and went to church.

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