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Group Sharing According to Church Size (over 500)

Group Sharing According to Church Size (over 500)

Session with Church size mtg – best practices

Dale – Shanghai

   Dedicate the entire Sunday for ministry – multiple services, leaders mtgs, lecture series on Sunday night where guest speakers speak… Don’t own their building so maximize Sunday’s. Use national church building, recognized by govt which means they have to meet in approved place…. Developed a GIT – guest intervention team to help with unstable people

Rick Pasquale – ICF Rome

   Evangelism focus… Refugees…

Ron Madoxx

   Diversity celebrated but as one church with one message… Unity trumped distinctions

John and Korie – Suribi Indonesia

   Style reflects context… 87% Indonesian, 13% foreigners… Indonesians are international, speak English well, meet in malls because it’s a mall culture, weather is hot, malls have AC, resolves parking and permit issues… Church has strong partnership with national church, great advantages… Men’s ministry thrives through missions trips, work projects, builds character and commardre… City is 95% Muslim so do a lot of training for evangelism… Special service to pray for families who want to have children, dedicate children God has given from previous year, have families lay hands on those seeking… Consciousness of speaking to unbelievers in services… Works with a preaching team that raises up from within, 6 services with different leader speaks twice… 2 campuses each have a pastor…

Ed and Yvonne – ICA Hong Kong

   Churches peak at 20-25 yrs of age… Don’t overlook national language… Emphasis of community service… Global and local vision… If we’re not careful our most unhealthy congregations are homogeneous – my people, my language, my way, my building… Mix it up with speakers from other congregations…  Service styles are working… Millennial mentality is against large atmosphere; rather prefer small, intimate connections…. Setting, sight, sound, song can be different but same message!  One vision, one voice but different songs…. Different unique groups plan each service so not to burn others out… Last Sunday of month is a Good Sunday for Gospel presentation, shorter service, MC careful with language, don’t embarrass guests in how they recognize them… First Sunday of month all children 3 1/2 up all together, time of worship as well for kids, drama based on theme for day, shorter message, etc…  Same bulletin for every congregation…

Leroy Cloud

   Clarity of vision…  Relationship with the national church… Foundation – why did this church start?  Why did God want it there? 

Jay Reisner AGWM children’s ministry

   Must understand our culture… Intentional children’s ministry, healthy churches correspond to healthy children’s ministry… 6 areas of effective children ministry: outreach/evangelism, Christian education, discipleship, ministry opportunities for kids, fellowship opportunities outside of church, leadership training…  As pastors make sure we’re getting reports of what’s happening… If we do things right, we can see great transitions from children to youth ministry…

Dave Kenny IES Jakarta

   Went over schedule for afternoon sessions… Best practice for IES is missions outreach through service projects… Taps into corporate/businesses giving funds through NGO because they can’t give to a church… Works through Partners For Compassion… Does all projects in partnerships – other churches, NGO’s, orphanages, etc… 

mike at IES Jakarta

   Priority of leadership development…. Use Global CS material for classes…  Developing resources for parents raising kids…

Misha from IES Jakarta – works with music team, utilizes What’s App to communicate and has great response… Vision casting twice a year… applies one service/one team mentality by mixing worship teams together, uses Planning Center online program… Appreciates musicians with words, offering or whatever it takes

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