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Challenges And Changes … Carry Us Closer To Him

Challenges and changes are common occurrences for all of us.

While we do know that they can be used to shape our hearts and to sharpen our faith, we all too quickly lose sight of that.

We tend to begin by losing our joy, battling with confusion, and nurturing a deep dread of just how hard the initial hit could be.

All of this is going on in our minds … and at the same time our hearts and our spirits are telling us that ….

Challenges And Changes … Carry Us Closer To Him

This is the ultimate reality!

In all things, at all times, we know that God is working for our good.

Stewart Kabatebate in his article, “Why Does God Allow Problems in My Life?” leans into this reality and in a very convincing manner he shares with us just what is in play.

Here are three things that Stewart highlights that I want to firmly embrace …

God Wants to Build Your Character – God is more interested in you developing your character and becoming mature so that in Christ, you can cope with anything that life may throw at you. When you face problems, it might be that God wants to teach you specific values and virtues through your problems such as patience, perseverance, love, faith and the like. (James 1:2-5)

God Wants to Teach You About Himself- Ultimately God also wants you to know Him and to know His character. God can use problems to change your perspective about life and about Him. For example, some people who have had sickness or near-death experiences have been known to radically and positively change their outlook on life. Therefore, God can use problems to help you refocus your perspective and to view Him and His plans for your life more correctly. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

God Wants to Prepare You For A Future Position or Mission in Your Life –
God is able to use your current challenges in life in order to build your character and resilience for a future mission or role in life. You may not understand the purpose of your challenges in the present, but they will make sense in the future when you have arrived at the place that God wants you to be in life. (Genesis 50:19-21)

Challenges And Changes … Carry Us Closer To Him
This is the big reveal!

All that comes our way has the potential to radically transform us. God will do His work, and nothing can get in His way! While challenges and changes can threaten us … we know that God can turn them to good.

How great is that!

Challenges And Changes … Carry Us Closer To Him

This is His plan … and I want to say yes to this, and you?


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