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Friendship Brings Peace ToThe Soul … And So Much More

I have been thinking a lot about friendships lately.

First of all, I am deeply aware of how blessed I am to have had so many wonderful friends in every stage of my life. I remember having a very special friend when I was five years old, and I never remember being without friends.

My friendships are so diverse … both men and women, of all ages, cultures, status,politics, and religions … I have enjoyed a great menagerie of friends.

In addition to that, in September I was in a room with high school friends who were gathered to celebrate our 50th High School Reunion. The connection that we felt was intense, the communication was intimate, and the sense of closeness was incredible.

I cherish my friendships, value them deeply, and thank God for them.

Friendship Brings Peace To The Soul … And So Much More

In her article, “Friendships are essential in life”, Lamiya Siraz says this, “Friendship is a relationship where a person has the freedom to choose another person they enjoy spending time with. Most of the time, it’s our heart finding peace and comfort with this person, or with these people. Friendship is the home for every wandering soul which is lost.”

This is so well spoken.

Great friendships do bring a measure of peace and comfort to us. We do feel at home in so many ways.

The Bible does address friends and friendships in a profound way. The good that can come and the ruin that can ravage one’s life. A true friend is faithful but corrupt friendships are a disaster.

My pastor, Dr. Jim Bradford, did a series entitled, “Great Friendships of the Bible” and it was fascinating. Here is the link to the sermon series and you can listen to each one or simply read the sermon notes.

Friendship Brings Peace To The Soul … And So Much More

I know this to be true, I have spent a lifetime being loved, supported, and prayed over by a beautiful group of friends who have become “journey friends” and have stood with us so faithfully.

I know that I am who I am because of friends, I have served as I have because of them, and I am absolutely confident that our friendship is everlasting and eternal in every way!

Friendship Brings Peace To The Soul … And So Much More

They do indeed … how great is that!


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