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Let Your Relational Investments Be Your Absolute Best

Let Your Relational Investments Be Your Absolute Best

It seems that meaningful relational connections are at a premium these days.We may have hundreds of contacts, but deeply rooted connections, not so much.

Our life rhythms have changed and as a result, we have become too busy, our commitment to other things is too heavy and the process of building and nurturing relational connections is too challenging.

While there is a definite shift in our culture, the reality is that we are made for community.

At the dawn of creation, God Himself declared that it was not good for man to be alone. There was a clear plan for relational closeness, designed by God Himself. This narrative continues to be illustrated throughout the biblical record.

Jesus had a deeply rooted connection with His disciples and the early church was rich in relational connection. There is a complete listing of “one another” verses given to us as well.

All of this is evidence of the importance of relational investments.

Let Your Relational Investments Be Your Absolute Best

Bob Bailey, clearly articulates this for us in his article, “Relational Prosperity” …

“Relational prosperity cannot be bought, only sought, by being the type of person we want others to be to us. A person who first looks to give not get, listen not talk, serve not be served. The riches of relational wealth are realized as we realize how valuable people are—created in the image of God for the purposes of God. When we place a high value on people, we treat them with respect and love them how they need to be loved. Showing respect and love can be as simple as being on time for a meeting or as creative as collecting shared memories in a fitting photo album.”

These are words that validate the importance of realigning ourselves to the plans and purposes of God.

Let Your Relational Investments Be Your Absolute Best

I know that all of this matters and I also know that we do want to say yes to this quickly and always!

Here is a life verse that we should seek to carry with us, “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” (Proverbs 11:25)

Being willing to take the time to intentionally give hope and speak life to others is a gift that will linger in the hearts of those that we encounter.

Let Your Relational Investments Be Your Absolute Best

I am ready to yes to this … and you?


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