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Living Faith … Opens Up The Way

There is a great need for a renewal of faith … both in our world and in our own hearts.

The truth is that a traditional faith position will not endure.

Faith is under attack like never before. Society has been staged up to erode the essence of faith. The prominent voices are all adversarial voices and they have succeeded in creating a crisis of faith.

In general, we lack certainty in the future, we have little confidence that well-established traditions will survive, and we have become so cynical that we are captured by every crisis that comes our way.

We desperately need to hear the Word of the Lord that calls us to, “humbly accept the word that God has planted in your hearts, for it has the power to save your souls.” (James 1:21)

A.W. Tozer stated it this way, “allow the teachings of Christ to dominate our total lives from the moment we believe. This is what will allow us to be different from others.”

This reality is a clear reminder for us …

Living Faith … Opens Up The Way

It is in activating faith that we release its power. Faith is never passive, nor is it a matter of posturing.

I love this proclamation because it truly puts proactive faith into play!

“Living faith, the kind of faith described in the Bible, can transform your life, enabling you to enjoy a close, personal relationship with God. Faith can offer freedom from the shackles of worry, doubt, and fear. It can bring strength, hope and wisdom in the face of problems and challenges.” (Grace Communion International)

This is what we want to seek after and to do all that is required of us to sincerely make this our own.

Living Faith … Opens Up The Way

There is no doubt that being responsive to this call will strengthen us, set us up to succeed and to take our stand in the midst of our most difficult days.

I am certain that nothing else will do!


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