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Cry Out For Wisdom

It Is The Wisdom Of God That Always Makes A Difference

Our world is being crippled by confusion, cynicism and caustic rhetoric.

We have repeated evidence of this being put into play on so many levels of our society. We hear all of this being expressed vocally and we read the headlines that echo this same sentiment.

Opinions have become jaded and all sense of reason seems to have gone missing.

Most of us have understood that if we want to make a difference in our world we will have to move beyond debate, persuasion and cunning intellect.

The man of wisdom openly declares to us that only one thing will prevail … “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding” (Proverbs 4:7)

We not only need to hear these words … we need to hold on to them tightly because …

It Is Wisdom That Always Makes A Difference

In his article “Wisdom Is The Principal Thing”, Sheldon D. Newton says this, “Wisdom is divine insight concerning how we should live and what brings success. Wisdom is God’s answers and solutions to our problems. Wisdom is God’s advice concerning how we should live and conduct our affairs.

In other words, wisdom is learning how to take the knowledge given and apply it to our lives in a workable manner, so that it benefits us, and benefits the lives of others.

It Is The Wisdom Of God That Always Makes A Difference
Wisdom is the key to our success … it truly is the principal thing, the chief thing, the main thing.

Sheldon D. Newton goes on to say to us that we should pray for wisdom. “Pray and ask God for the wisdom to apply the knowledge you learn to the various areas of your life. Again, it is the application of knowledge consistently and persistently, which brings success. Wisdom comes from Almighty God, so ask Him for His help and insight. He will help you, if you will, but call upon Him.”

It Is The Wisdom Of God That Always Makes A Difference
What a gift we have been given, what an opportunity for us to seize and make our own. We need not live in a lesser manner due to the lack of wisdom.

God’s wisdom is ours, simply for the asking and He has openly declared to us that it is the “principal thing”!

My heart believes this, all of it … and I pray that your heart believes as well. Let’s say yes and begin to live in the wisdom of God.

I know that I am in … and you?

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Christ Above, Christ Alone, Christ In All … This Is Our Anthem; This Is Our Call

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