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It Is Surrender That Stages Us Up For Enduring Success

Providing a positive purpose is what will help us re-define “surrender” … and that is a good thing for all of us.

I believe that …
It Is Surrender That Stages Us Up For Enduring Success

I also know that the journey to surrender can often be fraught with challenges.

Even if we are in a healthy place now, it is quite likely that we all have plenty of stories to tell.

We know that we can not live without boundaries or control our lives on any level. It is when we try to address these issues that we run into the reality of surrender.

In the beginning, it can seem as if surrender is punishment, terribly painful, and a process of devour.

However, in the end, we will see that it is surrender that actually eliminates all of these things.

It Is Surrender That Stages Us Up For Enduring Success

Tiffanie Brunson in her article, “What Surrendering to God Looks Like” interviews Jennie Allen about her re-released book, “Anything” and as you will see, Jennie has such a healthy definition and experience with surrender.

“First of all, this was such a life message for me. It’s a journey and a story of how I went from what I would call just this typical Christian mindset and life to more of an engaged and passionate and surrendered life in Christ. Everything I’ve done since and everything I will ever do will be built on this moment in my life—because it was the moment where, for me, people shrunk and God got bigger.

I’m such a believer that God’s supernatural work in every one of our lives is unique and He calls each of us to a different type of surrender. We’re not all called to go overseas to Africa. We’re not all called to go into ministry. We’re not all called to adopt. We’re not all called to go into the marketplace or serve a nonprofit. It’s diverse and beautiful.”

For Jennie Allen, surrender is the beginning of a life of purpose … and so it is for all of us.

We all need to unpack our own journey of surrender and be acutely aware of what it is that God is calling us toward and away from.

In doing this we will discover that it is surrender that …

▪ stabilizes our steps
▪ saves us from self-reliance
▪ speeds up our spiritual growth
▪ strikes at the heart of selfishness
▪ sets the stride for our spiritual discipline
▪ serves us best over the long haul

Having these things awakened in us will help us to see that surrender is what allows us to live our best life … the one that God Himself has designed for us!

It Is Surrender That Stages Us Up For Enduring Success

I believe this … and I say yes to this … and you?


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