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A Short Season Of Spiritual Pause … Everyone Deserves A Selah Moment

Our spiritual journey is marked by profound moments of powerful revelation and the persistent pressure of pesky spiritual reminders.

These are the tools that will craft and provoke our greatest spiritual progress.

It is not the things we know that will change us most … it is the things that we know and are convinced of that will accomplish that best, for all of us.

It will always be spiritual revelation and spiritual reminder working together that will build our faith!

Here is a spiritual reminder that I have been revisiting over the last week.

A Short Season Of Spiritual Pause … Everyone Deserves A Selah Moment

We know that we are called to seek the Lord, to spend time in His presence, and to stay connected to Him, in all things, at all times.

Honestly, I have been reminded of the need for spiritual pause knowing that this can …

▪ remind us that our real purpose flows from His presence
▪ release a surge of joy and gladness
▪ refresh our souls and spirits
▪ reconnect us to all the things that really matter
It is in resting and relying on Him that will allow us to remain in Him.

A Short Season Of Spiritual Pause … Everyone Deserves A Selah Moment

We know that the word “Selah” is used 71 times throughout the Book of Psalms and three times in the poetic literature of Habakkuk. The Amplified Bible translates Selah as “pause and calmly think of that”.

In his article, “The Spiritual Discipline of Pause”, Stephen Van Dop says this,

“The discipline of pause is the practice of creating small spaces of time to step away from “doing” and simply “be” during the course of your day. These small spaces of time are different from the “time on task” activities that often measure our days. Sacred “pauses” allow us to breathe and refresh our souls as we are reminded again of the presence of God, the gift of loving relationships, and our identity as beloved sons and daughters of God.”

This is such wise counsel for us … a great spiritual revelation and reminder coming together!

Stephen goes on to say this …

“Solitude, silence, and stillness serve as lifesaving corrections to the absurdity of our pace of life, the chaotic interruptions of our days, and the continual demand to do more.”

Solitude teaches us the benefit of intentional withdraw to become present to God, to others, and to ourselves. Despite all the texts, tweets, and social media, genuine human connection seems elusive these days. Intentional withdraw for momentary prayer creates a pause allowing us to reset our focus to see and be present with others.”

Silence teaches us to listen. Our age is noisy. Few truly listen. Almost everyone talks over other’s sentences. Our days are filled with interruptions. In silence, we become quiet to listen again to the voice of God, to people in our lives who speak truthful words of correction and affirmation to us, and to the state of our own souls.”

Stillness teaches us restraint. It frees us from the deception that our busyness and productivity make our work indispensable. Slowing our lives down and becoming still before God enables greater discernment regarding what appropriate engagement looks like going forward.”

This is great wisdom being spoken here … a profound spiritual revelation and a pesky spiritual reminder!

A Short Season Of Spiritual Pause … Everyone Deserves A Selah Moment

This is a “Selah moment”, so it is where we want to, “pause and calmly think of that”.

I know I am in … and you?


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