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Peace In The Pause … Is Truly Worth It All!

Nothing is quite as powerful as knowing deep peace in those moments when it seems as if God has put our life on pause. Of course, we must hasten to say that nothing is more profoundly difficult than the feeling that the heavens have gone silent.

It seems that we are conflicted at this point … by both acknowledging that we, at times have found peace in the pause and that there were those times when we have not.

Even still, we will all mutually agree that …

Peace In The Pause … Is Truly Worth It All!

In reality, our hearts are often troubled, our peace is threatened and we are keenly aware that we are not in control!

The place of “pause” can be brutal … but deep down we know that it is intended to be a time of bringing us to a place of trust and to break some things down, so that we can be built up in Him.

This is God’s desire and it is to this end that He is working!

However, there is always a sense of tension to deal with in these moments.

Randy Alcorn in his article, “Waiting When God Seems Silent”, captures this conflict so well for us.

He begins by reminding us that, “There’s a sense in which God is never silent. He has already spoken in His Word and by becoming man and dying for us on the cross, purchasing our eternal salvation. This is speech, and speech is not silence! What we call God’s silence may actually be our inability, or in some cases (certainly not all) our unwillingness, to hear Him. Fortunately, that hearing loss for God’s children need not be permanent. And given the promise of resurrection, it certainly won’t be permanent.”

These are words of wisdom to us and we do want these powerful realities to reign in us!

Then Randy shares this compelling story about the great Martin Luther … and makes his point that “peace in the pause” will be a contested reality.

“Martin Luther’s wife, Katherine, saw him discouraged and unresponsive for some time. One day she dressed in black mourning clothes. Luther asked her why. “Someone has died,” she said. “Who?” Luther asked. “It seems,” Katherine said, “that God must have died!” Luther got her point. Since God hadn’t died, he needed to stop acting as if he had”.

We have all been there, haven’t we?

Peace In The Pause … Is Truly Worth It All!

This is a message that will have resounding value to us.

There will be moments when it will seem to us that the heavens are closed and that God is distant, somehow entirely detached from us.

Our hearts will be troubled … we will battle anxiety … and it will seem that the world around us is spinning out of control.

It is specifically in these moments that we will be empowered and enabled to experience once again that …

Peace In The Pause … Is Truly Worth It All!

This is His promise … and it is ours to embrace.

-Terry & Ruthanne-

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