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Just A Gentle Reminder … Always Remember That God Can Do Anything

Gentle reminders are a very gracious gift to us!

They simply remind us of the obvious … but the truth is, we often need that reminder.

As a pastor, I often shaped my messages as “gentle reminders” because I understood that obedience is a matter of knowledge and commitment being strengthened.

Many times as I would sit with congregants privately to discuss a difficult or disturbing matter they would often begin by unfolding the realities of their struggle and then they would say, “Pastor, I know the Bible says this and I know it says that …”

Invariably, they would quote more verses to me than I intended to give to them.

You see the challenge was not knowledge, it was confidence in the Word of God … and of course, if we lack confidence, there can be no real commitment.

Because this is true for all of us … gentle reminders will always have a place of great value in our lives.

Let me tell you about the gentle reminder that has been resonating in my heart this week.

Just A Gentle Reminder … Always Remember That God Can Do Anything
Of late, it seems that too many of those that I love dearly have been battling severely. Tragic losses, threatening illnesses and terrifying news have created a tsunami of trouble … and the impact is devastating physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In moments like these we fight to find stability and strength. We seek the path of obedience and what we know is that knowledge and commitment must be stirred anew in our hearts.

I have felt drawn to this very familiar verse … “God can do anything you know. Far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams” (Ephesians 3:20)

I love this and I bet you do as well!

It creates courage, confidence and greatest of all, a capacity to believe that goes beyond every border.

Just A Gentle Reminder … Always Remember That God Can Do Anything
Clearly this is what we are being called to do!

In his article, “Can God Do Anything?”, Dr. Harold J. Sala says this to us, “Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Some three times, that question is asked in Scripture. But how would you answer it? Today we are faced with a quandary. Either we nod our heads and say, Yes! God can do anything, unsure of whether we really believe this, or else we are confronted with empty hands and hearts, wondering why God didn’t step in and reverse some troublesome situations confronting us.”

Gripping truth here for us to consider!

He then goes on to suggest something that can and will indeed change everything for us.

Listen to these words, “Making this intensely personal, why don’t you finish Paul’s statement; God is able to … and finish the sentence, describing your need. Remember, you are limited only by what you ask Him, in accordance with His will to do, and what you visualize or imagine.”

These are words of challenge for sure … but in some way this is a perfect expression of the value of a gentle reminder. There is nothing new here … but it is in putting into practice that we reap the benefits of all that has been spoken.

Always remember that God can do anything with anything …

▪ in His hands nothing becomes something
▪ for anyone, anywhere
▪ you simply can not lose with Him
▪ so it just makes sense to lay it all down and give it all to Him

This is what I long for personally and it is what I desire for you.

Just A Gentle Reminder … Always Remember That God Can Do Anything

– Terry –

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