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God’s Lovingkindness Is The Hope Of This Generation

The level of desperation that our world is experiencing assures us that we will never be able to survive it alone. We lack sufficient strength, wisdom, and understanding to make it happen.

Everything is against us!

We may have been somewhat confident in ourselves in the past but we have come to a place where we know deep within us that …

God’s Lovingkindness Is The Hope Of This Generation
I know that my faith development and any growth in my spiritual understanding will always be a continuous and conflicted process.

Continuous because these things are not instantly known, they are progressively revealed. Conflicted because they are in opposition to my normal life rhythms.

In truth, they demand all of me … and they require all of Him.

The only way we can make any spiritual progress is by trusting and leaning on His lovingkindness.

I know that I am not the only one facing this challenge.

Here is what we have come to know and believe …

God’s Lovingkindness Is The Hope Of This Generation
Lisa Appelo, in her article “12 Ways God’s Lovingkindness Is For You” speaks to all of this in a very insightful way.

Here is what she says, “There’s incredible depth to God’s lovingkindness. God’s entire relationship to us is rooted in His lovingkindness. It’s threaded all through the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New. Even when life feels neither loving nor kind, God’s lovingkindness is for you.

The Hebrew word for this is “hesed.

Hesed is way more than kindness. Because no single English word can adequately encompass hesed, the Bible translates it as love, kindness, lovingkindness, goodness, favor, mercy, unfailing love, faithful love, steadfast love, and unfailing kindness. As we read the Bible, we need to remember that God’s hesed is all of these, all at once. “Hesed” is not a passive feeling but proactive faithfulness.”

This is our greatest need … and it is undoubtedly the only hope for this generation.

God’s lovingkindness …

▪ is better than life
▪ redeems and restores
▪ speaks to all
▪ makes every heart glad
▪ endures forever

It is all of this and so much more … and we need all of this at whatever cost or commitment.

God’s Lovingkindness Is The Hope Of This Generation
The “hesed” of God … this is what I seek personally and it is what I pray for you … and for our world.

There really is no other possibility.

Let’s move toward this … are you in?

– Terry –

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