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When You Think It Is Time To Push … Think Again!

I think all of us understand that being “driven” is both a bad idea and a violation of the balanced Christ-life that we are called to live.

We know all too well that God “leads” … while Satan seeks to “drive” us.

Likely all of us can quote several little mantras … each one a great little quip … and yet all of this remains a constant struggle. We rationalize it, make excuses for it and minimize it … all in an attempt to convince ourselves that we are fine and all is good!

Into all of this, I would like to interject a thought …
When You Think It Is Time To Push … Think Again!

This is a reality that we want to embrace!

We are a tribe that tends to overdrive!

Our passion makes us push … and that leads to us being driven … and being driven leads us to disaster!

In order to re-order our lives, we have to change something, become intentional and set new things in place.

Ultra runner Ryan Sandes has his, “7 Signs Of Overtraining” … and they are good … very, very good! He has been on a break from elite running in an effort to recalibrate everything.

His seven signs are powerful lessons for all of us … and while some are specific to his sport, here are three that resonate with me.

▪ No Bounce In Your Steps (you know I wanted to change this to “rebound” – for obvious reasons)
▪ Restless Nights
▪ Running On Empty

These symptoms not only impact ultra runners … they impact every runner … and in big ways!

When You Think It Is Time To Push … Think Again!

If you are experiencing any of this these things … you are pushing to hard!

Now is the time to come away and come to Him! This is the moment to cast away your cares and anxieties and be intentional about creating peace … and letting this peace rule in your soul!

Let’s learn this lesson well!

When You Think It Is Time To Push … Think Again!

Seriously, time to think again!

I know I’m in … and you?

– Terry –

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