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Hope Anchored … Keeps Our World Right Side Up!

I have always been a hope-giver!

I can not identify a time when I did not pull for the underdog or feel bad for those who I felt were suffering/struggling.

I could never hold back hope when it seemed to be desperately needed. Deep in my heart, on my worst days, I knew that hope mattered. I knew that stability, safety and strength were all the result of hope being secured.

It seems simplistic for sure … and some, if not most, would say that in the complexity of today’s world that it takes more than hope … a whole lot more than hope!

But the older I get and the more of the hope message that I see … I become increasingly convinced that …

Hope Anchored … Keeps Our World Right Side Up!

The fact of the matter is that hope, all by itself, brings powerful influence and profound impact.

In serving with Convoy of Hope and seeing all that we do, I see that the one core piece that moves and shapes all that we do is the “hope” message.

This is why …

▪ We stand with those who have been made fragile by disasters, war and poverty
▪ We serve those who are in desperate need
▪ We shape the heart of society and the church and bend it towards compassion

We see in every life that we touch and in every crisis that we engage in that …

Hope Anchored … Keeps Our World Right Side Up!

One could make a case for a great number of things that are required to “right” our world.

Sadly, too many things have gone missing … things that have served us well in the past and things that could save us again!

At the top of any list that could be crafted is … hope!

Hope speaks, hope calls, hope delivers … and when hope is present life thrives and when hope is gone … life is done … and the collapse begins to be apparent immediately!

In a world that is serious decline and spinning drastically out of control, we need a hope that is both sure and steadfast!

Thankfully, Hebrews 6:19 assures that we have such a hope … “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, is both sure and steadfast.”

Hope Anchored … Keeps Our World Right Side Up!

I know this is true because I have seen what hope can do for others and I know what it has done for me!

I have always been a hope-giver!

How about you?

– Terry –

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