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Going Together And Doing It Better!

There are times when God speaks to us and we are humbled by His desire for us … and then there are times when He seems to almost shout at us and we hear His demands for us.

This week has been a week where both of these realities have been made powerfully real to me.

Two years ago, I was a part of a meeting in Atlanta where the leaders of four international church networks came together to hear from God. While we had a clear understanding of the vision and mission of each individual network, we also felt that perhaps there was a plan that all of us could share in together. There was a sense that there was something and we wanted to honor God and each other by coming together to clarify, to confirm and if were to be so, to make covenant with each other.

In the end, we came away with a resounding reality racing through our hearts that was based on this principle,

Going Together And Doing It Better!

We all felt that our intentionally created collaborative presence would be a fuller expression of the the activity and intent of God and that in coming together, surrendering to His higher good together, that we could indeed do things better together.

In that meeting we prayed, we planned and we began to prepare a pathway that would capture all that we were hearing and enable us to walk out the mandate that we had been given.

The capstone event would be to convene a gathering to bring all of our networks together in Hong Kong for what we were calling a, “Global Church Conference” where we could hear from others who were sharing our same journey and advocate for …

Going Together And Doing It Better!

What a thrill it was for us to see almost 300 people gather in Hong Kong, to hear speakers confirm that they too were hearing this call, to have our guests share their stories with each other and confirm the same.

And then to conclude our gathering with the signing of the, “Global Church Declaration” and to see the affirming amen of God being proclaimed, somehow announcing that all of us were in agreement.

There are still many critical things to be put in place but here is what we know … if we will honor Him and the covenant that we have made together … we can discern each step and take it together.

Going Together And Doing It Better!

The truth of the matter is that this reality is a relational reality! In every arena of our lives we are better together. It will do us well to make this a core value that reigns supreme in our lives.

Advocate for unity, seek to be collaborative, acknowledge the dignity of others and promote peace!

These things lead us to the best things from God, they enable us to know the best of each other, they lead to the best Kingdom outcomes that we could ever know!

Going Together And Doing It Better!

I am in … more than ever before!

– Terry –

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