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Wisdom And Waiting … Getting It Right!

We are meant to be lifelong learners!

To some degree it seems that we are destined to never get it right. We are seekers, forever in the pursuit of more. We strive to be wiser, live closer, reach further, grow stronger … and on and on it goes.

It is right that we resist the status quo, refuse to settle and risk everything to go on to a new and higher level.

In this very moment I am re-establishing something that I know is of great value in every way and here is what I know …

Wisdom And Waiting … Getting It Right!

Acquiring wisdom is the invitation that is oft-repeated to us in the book of Proverbs, applying wisdom is the imperative of dynamic Christian living and acknowledging our need for wisdom is the instruction of the Epistles.

Wisdom gives us critical insight and with it we have the capacity to discern the complexities that make people, circumstances and situations complicated and difficult. When we gain wisdom we gain discernment, real spiritual discernment … and that is a very good thing!

Wisdom And Waiting … Getting It Right!

Wisdom, however, is not all that we need.

While it is true that wisdom gives us discernment, waiting gives us discipline … and that is also critically important for us! As much we need wisdom to discern what to say or how to respond, we need waiting to enable us to have the discipline to know when and where to react.

All of us know by personal experience that saying the right thing at the wrong time is a disaster! Discernment needs to be accompanied with discipline … wisdom and waiting belong together. We simply cannot have one without the other!

Wisdom And Waiting … Getting It Right!

I am facing situations right now that demand this from me … and likely you do as well! I know I need wisdom and lately I have been reminded that I need the waiting as well!

Both can be given, so I ask for both. Unashamedly, I confess that I need the wisdom and that I need the waiting.

Discernment and discipline will come alive in me … and that will change everything!

I am making myself ready to take this on!

How about you?

Think about it!

– Terry –

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