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God Is Going To Do What He Wants To Do … Believe This!

When people refer to God they typically identify Him as being a God of love and power. While many questions still remain and there is a struggle to understand many things, deep down, these two realities stand strong.

It seems that we receive almost constant messages that affirm to us that our God is a God of great love, power and might. We hear stories that simply have no other explanation! All that one can say is that …

God Is Going To Do What He Wants To Do … Believe This!

This week Convoy of Hope Europe shared such a story with their partners and friends and I wanted to echo their story to you.

I am presenting it as it just as it was written and reported from the field to preserve the authenticity and the purity of the communication. (Thanks Nolan Tarantino for sharing this)

This message came to me today from Vekso, our country coordinator in Bulgaria, and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Today at the donation center came a man to pick up some second-hand clothes that are not suitable for the refugees and to give them to poor people in the area. The refugee camp is located in the former military base and the man worked there as a mechanic and has maintained military machines. This man’s name is Dimitar and he was the only christian among 1600 soldiers and about 200 employees. For seven years Dimitar has been going to the same place every day to pray for someone to believe, but for his disappointment, not a single soldier has accepted the Lord. The place he was praying was the garage of commander’s fighting machine, and this is exactly where our center is and exactly where now we hold our worship services at the camp. In 2002 the military unit was closed and in 2013 on it`s place was built a refugee camp. During this time, many of the buildings were damaged, but that place where our brother prayed was in good condition and right there we were allowed to build our center “Oasis”, where many refugees are hearing the gospel and some of them already accepted Christ. For decades, God has prepared and preserved this place of salvation. This is a sign of God’s grace that we are in His will. Hallelujah!!!

Be encouraged today where you are!

Thank you Vesko for sending this testimony.

Thank you indeed! This story confirms to us what we instinctively know to be true.

God Is Going To Do What He Wants To Do … Believe This!

We need to be reminded of this again & again!

The psalmist says it this way … “Our God is in heaven doing whatever He wants to do.” (Psalm 115:3)

Vesko declares that to us … and there are people in Bulgaria who will say that it is true.

How about you … and me?

Let’s add our voices to those who are saying this today and let’s believe it to be true in our lives and in our circumstances.

God Is Going To Do What He Wants To Do … Believe This!

I do … I really, really do!

– Terry –

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