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When Life Moves Fast – Save Some Space!

This has been one of those weeks!

Full of activity and abundant opportunity in the most amazing ways and yet … consistently peppered with challenges and concerning issues. It takes a lot of energy to redeem every moment and refuse to be manhandled by the mayhem of it all.

There is a principle that assures that this will not happen and here it is ….

When Life Moves Fast – Save Some Space

The fact is that the natural rhythm of life varies in every way … all the time. We can not control the intensity or the pace of life, it simply is what it it is. What we can do is decide how we will manage all that comes our way and what I am advocating for is really the best way to respond.

When Life Moves Fast – Save Some Space
We can indeed run hard when called upon to do so, as long as we also make provision for healthy rest. Both of these disciplines are required of us.

If we do not learn to run hard we will never make the most of every opportunity and equally, if we do not find healthy rest we will never be able to stay faithfully engaged until the very end. It takes both of these things to succeed so we may as well take this principle on right now!

When Life Moves Fast – Save Some Space
Likely we will struggle to find the balance to do all of this … but find it we must!
I know what I need right now … healthy rest! I will be looking for my opportunity to save some space and pushing back, if necessary, to get this done.
How about you?

Think about it … and then do all that you need to do to put things in order.

It will help … I promise it will help!

– Terry –

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