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A Warm Fire And Wonderful Friends!

Tonight I sat near a warm fire with wonderful friends and … well … no matter how this phrase ends, you know it is going to be good!

Our discussion could have centered on opportunities that we could engage in or on challenges that we might have to endure … it really would not matter would it … because in either case, it would be good!

There is something quite powerful about being together in a healthy place with a healthy friend.
All of us need both … and quite likely we need more of both!

A Warm Fire And Wonderful Friends
It is a well established fact that though we live in a very connected world, people increasingly feel more disconnected from intimate relationships. We have dozens, if not hundreds, of contacts and yet … very few really close friends.

The privilege to sit down with someone we cherish and to simply share life together does not happen for most of us as much as we need for it to happen.

We are better together!
The man of wisdom made this clear to us when he wrote, “Two are better than one, for they can help each other succeed.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

A Warm Fire And Wonderful Friends
I want to encourage you to create for yourself opportunities to be in healthy places with healthy friends.

It will have to be intentional and it will certainly require a significant level of investment. However, what you get in return will be the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself.

A Warm Fire And Wonderful Friends
The fireplace in the photo above is literally the fireplace of my friends. We did sit together tonight, we did have wonderful conversation and like we have done on many occasions, we renewed our covenant to each other by this simple act. (Thanks Jim & Anne)

My soul felt rest and my spirit was renewed. In fact, it felt so good that I am telling you about it right now.

More than anything, I want these same things for you.
I really, really do!
– Terry –

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