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Knowing The Knower … Are You Comfortable With That?

Every Thursday morning the Convoy of Hope International Program team meets for a time of shared devotions and prayer.

I love teams being together in this kind of context … it produces so much good! It strengthens connection, commitment and compassion and it changes things relationally, professionally and spiritually. The theme of the devotional today was based on the tension that is felt in every heart and is a tension that all of us understand.

There is in us an insatiable desire to want to know!

We see this being expressed in little children who want to learn to interact/talk, toddlers who forever question why, young teens who are struggling because they can not figure things out, adults who face life challenges and long for solutions and seniors who battle health issues and need answers. The fact of the matter is that we are born with a desire to want to know and yet we battle frustration and lack of peace … in our pursuit of knowing. Here is the point … we can not know all that we seek after but there is hope for us.

Knowing The Knower … Are You Comfortable With That?
This is the balanced beauty of what God has created for us. He places in us the desire to know … and then offers us the opportunity to come to know Him … the One who creates all things, initiates all things and prepares all things. Psalm 139 is a powerful expression of just how perfect, personal and pervasive the knowledge of God is … so take the time to read this passage. It is stunning in its clarity and convincing in its style.

Knowing The Knower … Are You Comfortable With That?
I hope you are because that this only way to have peace in your pursuit!
Say yes to Him … and do it as fast as you can!

– Terry –

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