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Beyond Desire And Discipline … THINK DESTINY!

This week I was privileged to hear the story of a business leader who articulated a message that I knew was true. I had lived it … but hearing his experience captured my heart in any case. In fact, I came to realize that the people who have impacted me most are people who have come to know this reality …

Beyond Desire And Discipline … THINK DESTINY!

* Those who think like this have a sincere desire to live life to it’s fullest. People who are passionately engaged and expectant seem to instinctively find ways to redeem all of life! They know that there is more in play than what meets the eye. As they begin to believe in the “unseen hand” and to accept that life is not random … everything changes!
* Those who think like this have strong discipline and are determined to do whatever is required to assure that they do not disqualify themselves for any reason. They are principled, live with purpose and make it a priority to stay on mission. These qualities serve them well in every arena of their lives.

But here is what our speaker experienced that makes all the difference in the world …
Beyond Desire And Discipline … THINK DESTINY!

Our speaker was clearly a man of sincere desire and because of that he engaged early and all of his efforts met with success. Equally, he had developed strong disciplines that have also served him well but …. he made it quite clear that he came into a place where destiny was awakened in his heart.

As the result of accepting a new job he & his family made a major move and it was in that moment that God took him beyond desire and discipline and destiny was born in his heart … and his life changed! I am a witness to that and can assure you that his awakened heart is captivating.

As I listened my heart began to long for more and I found myself asking for my own fresh encounter with Him.

Beyond Desire And Discipline … THINK DESTINY!

I have just been reminded of what happens to you when you move in this direction and I want this for me and for you!

This is where I am focused … will you join me?

– Terry –

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