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Team Words That Inspire Teamwork … And Takes Us Beyond!


I have just finished an inspiring week working closely with the extended Convoy of Hope team. Hearing the stories of how they serve, listening to the reports of their activities and having the opportunity to get to know some of them personally, has made me intensely aware that this is one amazing team!

Our Convoy team is comprised of employees, interns, missionaries, partners, volunteers … and their levels of devotion, desire and dedication are equal across every sector. There was no distinguishable difference … every person that I encountered was passionately engaged!

What I was immediately aware of, is that this kind of commitment is based on covenant. These individuals have made covenant with God, with themselves and with each other … and that takes them beyond!

As I have considered all that I observed this week, what I came away with is this … what is verbalized among and to team members matters! We need to be intentional about speaking and sharing …

Team Words That Inspire Teamwork … And Takes Us Beyond!

I know we often think about speaking positive words of affirmation that nurture positive attitudes … and that is a powerful action to initiate. However, there is something more powerful!

Team Words That Inspire Teamwork … And Takes Us Beyond!

It seems to me that speaking words that promote covenant will take us deeper and we will begin to think about an alliance being established. This will give us a relational connection that will take us beyond just coming together for project and move us to serving together with a purpose … and that position is perfect!

Team Words That Inspire Teamwork … And Takes Us Beyond!

I took notes this week and I also took my first steps in speaking to my team from another level. I have always been very intentional about doing my best to inspire team work … but now I want to speak words that takes my team into covenant.

My sense is that this will make all that we do together more than it has ever been before … and I know that this will bring good to all those involved.

This shift is going to serve me well! How about you … are you in?

– Terry –

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