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Prayer, Priorities & A Plan … A Powerful Process!

I am so excited about the opening of the new year for many reasons! I have already prayed over it, put priorities in place and prepared a plan to assure that these things come to pass.

All three of these steps are critical … but more importantly, unless all three are activated, nothing can be accomplished.

Prayer, Priorities & A Plan … A Powerful Process!

The fact is that unless we do these things … chaos will prevail!
▪ We will lack spiritual wisdom so we will have to struggle with superficial wisdom
▪ We will lack strategic priorities so we will have to settle for self-made priorities
▪ We will lack specific plans so we will have to survive on scary plans that are crafted on a whim and executed on the run.

We will struggle to make progress, to push thru challenges and to find a pathway of peace. While there may movement, there will not be meaningful activity!

Does any of this sound good to you? I seriously doubt it!

There is a better way and here it is!

Prayer, Priorities & A Plan … A Powerful Process!

When we live like this, amazing things happen for us … and all of them are outstandingly good!
▪ We experience all the blessings that a life of prayer produces
▪ We enjoy all the benefits of being focused and intentional
▪ We embrace the beauty of His plans becoming our reality

How does that sound to you? I seriously like it … and I bet you do as well!
This is exactly how I want to live out 2016 … and my whole life for that matter!

Are you in? How could you not be!

This is how we win … absolutely and in every way!

– Terry –

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