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Wanted You To Celebrate With Us!

2022 UPDATE – Global International Church Network (GICN)
GICN is now celebrating her 10th anniversary.

What began as an inspired dream, has become a defined initiative!

We have seen consistent international church planting and development in each of our regions over our first decade.

COVID certainly tested us, but overall, we have witnessed the favor of the Lord in so many ways. Our churches are still passionately serving and seeking to do increasingly more.

As we look to the future, we believe that our internal regional network development will continue to be robust because it will be organically created.

Presently, my greatest desire/concern is that the oversight of our networks will remain consistent and that there will be ongoing relational connection, as well as relevant cohort engagement.

Larry Henderson has provided stellar leadership for our FEIC pastors, partners and churches.

Additionally, he has intentionally engaged our GICN regional leaders in the shaping of the annual FEIC Summit, which has made that gathering more meaningful to our regional networks … and the outcomes are impressive.

This organic development from FEIC has created an opportunity for our global team to gather and experience meaningful relational connection and relevant cohort engagement. It is equally exciting to see this happening in other regions as well.

Our networks will be better because we are together.

I know that Larry is fully committed to assuring that we secure the success/future of FEIC and are able to stage her up to be a cornerstone of connection.

GICN will continue to carry out her mandate/mission and strive to be an effective vehicle and voice for our International church movement.

We have so much to celebrate!

God has helped us to this point, and I believe that the best is yet to come.

Terry Hoggard (for GICN)

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