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Easter Should Always Be A Time Of Reverently Remembering

The reality of the Resurrection opened up the way for the presence of God to fill every heart and to flood the earth with His glory.

This was the intended outcome of all of the challenging things that happened, especially during the last week of the life of Christ. So much sorrow, so much suffering, so much speculation … all to be concluded by the glorious resurrection of Christ out of the grave.

The God who acts for us supernaturally also attends to us sincerely.

This is my focus during this Easter season.

I love this narrative from Ray Ortlund, “Within the space of thirty years after the death of Christ, the gospel had been carried to all parts of the civilized, and to no small portion of the uncivilized, world. They had neither wealth, armies, nor allies. With the exception of Paul, they were men without learning. They were taught only by the Holy Spirit, armed only with the power of God, victorious only because Christ was their Captain, and the world acknowledged the presence of the messengers of the Highest and the power of the Christian religion. Its success never has been, and never can be, accounted for by any other supposition than that God attended it.”

The presence of God that attendeth with us is always available to us, perfectly positioned for us and fervently focused on us.

May these things be all the more real to us both now and in the days ahead!

Easter Should Always Be A Time Of Reverently Remembering


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Christ Above, Christ Alone, Christ In All … This Is Our Anthem; This Is Our Call

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