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Peace Of Mind Is Just One Of The Positive Outcomes Of Our Quiet Time

For some time now I have created daily inspirational quotes that are born out of my “quiet time”.

My most consistent spiritual growth as a young Christ-follower came when I made a commitment to carve out time to step away from the pressures of life in order to spend time in the presence of God.

I must admit that my early motivation was to discipline myself to change my life rhythm and to put God first. For me that meant being up early to do my duty … and I needed a whole lot of discipline to get that done.

The time spent was good for me and I stayed on task … but the real joy came when discipline and duty gave way to desire.

The truth is that my focus at that time was on my output … not His input. It was good … but it was not His best.

This is the word that I began pondering last Sunday …

Peace Of Mind Is Just One Of The Positive Outcomes Of Our Quiet Time

At that time, I knew that our world was being challenged on so many levels. As a result of that the hearts and minds of many were troubled … deeply troubled.

While I did know that tensions were rising between Russia and the Ukraine, I had no idea that only four days into the week, we would see the attacks against the Ukraine intensify … and we would be on the razor edge of war.

In this space, casualties will come against so many … and chaos and confusion will abound.

Increasingly we will be aware that the world seems to thrive on intensity and control. However, the truth is that it is the pathway of intimacy that brings calm and provides the inner peace that we will need to go on.

Peace Of Mind Is Just One Of The Positive Outcomes Of Our Quiet Time

Now is the time for us to press into the intimate presence of God and to know the tender care of our Savior. It is in drawing near to Him that we will find a prevailing peace … a peace that can be shaken but not broken and a calm that stands up in the midst of chaos.

I love these words from the apostle Paul, “ And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)

I want you to know that my hope and prayer is that the presence of God will be very near to you, all of your family/friends and in all the space that you occupy.

Peace Of Mind Is Just One Of The Positive Outcomes Of Our Quiet Time

I would ask that you join me in praying for a Convoy of Hope colleague. All of her family lives in the Ukraine and she is in the US by herself. Her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters were initially staying in a bomb shelter. Her youngest son has been staying in a church and is praying earnestly.

Let’s stay close to God and to each other … in all things and at all times!


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