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Seeking Spiritual Openness And The Splendor Of His Presence

Seeking Spiritual Openness And The Splendor Of His Presence

In the pursuit of solid spiritual formation, we do strive to put in place the qualities and virtues that will empower and enable us to live our best life.

We have understood that a solid foundation is essential, as is the intentional development of our faith and character.

While the early development steps that we need to take seem to be well prescribed, the latter stages often remain mysterious to us. While our spiritual drive may falter, our spiritual desire will flourish. This is where we linger and have the opportunity to learn the most critical lessons.

It is in this season that we will increasingly depend on the faithful presence of God and thus have a profound desire, even a longing for spiritual openness.

Seeking Spiritual Openness And The Splendor Of His Presence

Philip Gully, a Quaker pastor, addresses this very thing in his article, “The Qualities of the Spiritual (Openness)”.

“We often talk about the qualities of the spiritual life: gratitude, reflection, spiritual pacing or being present in the moment, mercy, humility, curiosity, and courage. I want to add openness to God’s presence to that list.

Openness to God’s presence wherever, whenever, and in whomever we encounter it.

An encounter with God is a bit like delight. We never know when it might happen. We never know who might bring it to our door. We can never predict the circumstances. We can plan, we can anticipate, but we can never know for certain.”

Because this is our reality, Philip urges us to strive for the constant realization of God’s presence in our lives. Everything that we will ever need flows from His presence. We are best positioned when we are in His presence.

Seeking Spiritual Openness And The Splendor Of His Presence

Philip goes on to say this to us, “We do not know where we will find God’s presence. We do not know who might teach us some great truth. We do not know when we will be surprised by some great joy. So be watching and be ready. Don’t miss it.

You never know how, when, where, or in whom you will encounter God’s presence, so do you strive for awareness of God in every situation, in every person, in every stage of life? You never know when you’ll encounter goodness and beauty and joy, so are you open to its presence everywhere with everyone?”

It’s like the poet George Herbert wrote: “And here, in dust and dirt, O here, the lilies of God’s love appear.” So keep your eyes peeled. Be open for God’s presence. Anywhere, in anyone, at anytime”.”

It is in seeking spiritual openness and the splendor of His presence that …

▪ we will be able to live large
▪ we will be able to find freedom and favor
▪ we will be able to break barriers
▪ we will be able to reach our richest potential
▪ we will be able to fully honor God
▪ we will be able to walk worthy
▪ we will be able to define our destiny

This is the invitation that we want to accept, the call that we want to answer and this is the position that we will always want to pursue!

Seeking Spiritual Openness And The Splendor Of His Presence

Now and forever … this will be before us!


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