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Our Commitment To Unity Will Bind Us Together And Build Us Stronger

I love those powerful biblical proclamations that immediately provide piercing clarity for our hearts and almost simultaneously, push confusion out of our minds. We know that we are experiencing a powerful change, as God renews our courage in Him and our commitment to Him.

Certainly, Psalm 133:1 is a classic example of this very thing, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity!”

As a Psalm of Ascent, these words were repeated again and again in the hearts and minds of the people of God in their day … and the same thing needs to happen for us in our day.
Now, as never before we want to take a bold stand and declare to God and others that …

Our Commitment To Unity Will Bind Us Together And Build Us Stronger

This is the demand of the day and prayerfully we have already decided to take this mandate and make it our own.

In doing this, we position ourselves and others to stand and serve this generation, faithfully and fiercely.

Debbie McDaniel, states this for us in her article, “4 Prayers for Unity in All Circumstances” …
“Often in times of greatest need, we may find ourselves giving way to the stress and strain by battling one another; forgetting who the real enemy is. Harsh words spoken, friendships broken; we choose sides and draw lines. Feelings get hurt. Betrayal runs deep. It gets harder to forgive and keep moving forward. And sometimes we get stuck, right there in the broken mess of it all. Yet it’s in those very times of tension and struggle that we need, more than ever, to come together as one. Unified and strong!”

What a powerful description of the challenge that we will face and the call that we will forever have before us.

Our Commitment To Unity Will Bind Us Together And Build Us Stronger

Debbie goes on to say this,
“And we can be assured, it’s in those times that Satan is fighting the hardest. He knows that we’re stronger together as we encourage one another on. He’s aware that we’re courageous and brave when we’re covering one another in prayer for unity. He understands that the unity of believers through the power of Jesus Christ is a force to be reckoned with. For it’s far too hard to tear apart a cord of three-strand which can’t be easily broken.”

Once again, we are seeing that God positions us very specifically so that we can serve His purposes very strategically. We find our deepest joy in doing the work that He desires us to do.
The call to unity is one of power, promises, and rich possibilities.
Unity …
▪ is not something that we claim, it is something that must be crafted
▪ is a commitment that carries us through every kind of season, situation, or storm
▪ is the bedrock of relational integrity
▪ is worth whatever price we might be required to pay
▪ prevails for us in division and protects us from devour
▪ a covenant that we can not cancel

Our Commitment To Unity Will Bind Us Together And Build Us Stronger
Taking our stand is a critical decision. Saying yes will allow us to put so many things in play.

I am praying that God will do a great work as we serve Him … in humility and honor.

This is an opportunity for all of us, so let’s come together and make it happen.


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