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Family Legacy Requires Us To Live Looking Forward

Ruthanne and I had the joy of sharing a family getaway with Kari, Kristi & Andrew, Caleb, Luke and Hannah.

It was a short two days and two nights … but we were all together in the same space. It was low key but somehow it had high impact on my heart.

These moments watching the family interaction, taking early morning walks with my grandson and listening to my granddaughter’s funny stories were very special indeed. I became more aware than ever before of just how blessed I am and how much I want God’s very best for my family.

My thoughts turned to this reality …
Family Legacy Requires Us To Live Looking Forward

I’ve actually thought about family legacy for a long time.

Ruthanne and I both come from legacy families. I did not say they are perfect families … but they are families of deep faith.

My maternal grandparents were pastors who loved God supremely and served Him sacrificially. My paternal grandparents were hard-working, generous people who had a much more practical faith but were nonetheless, lovers of God.

My parents were highly active in our church, serving in leadership and supporting the church in prayer and finances. They were loyal and faithful in every way. My brother and my two sisters are lovers of God and are faithful to serve Him in their own unique way.

Ruthanne’s maternal grandparents were immigrants from Italy. They were the first in their families to come to Christ and they raised their children to love and serve God as well. Her paternal grandparents were also Italian and they too were powerfully converted, called to ministry and raised their four sons to serve the Lord.

Ruthanne’s parents served in pastoral ministry and at 92 years of age, they are still passionately serving the Lord. Her brother, who passed away last year, served the Lord all of his life and her sister is also fully devoted to the Lord.

Our grandchildren are the 5th generation of this legacy of faith that dominates our family.

What a great responsibility we have to secure this legacy in their hearts and in the hearts of future generations.

It could be that your family is even richer in faith legacy, or perhaps you are “Generation 1” and are preparing the way for God to do magnificent things in the generations to come.

Either way …
Family Legacy Requires Us To Live Looking Forward

Bill High is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who lost his own father at age 12, so he deeply understands the need for strong families and lasting legacies.

Here is how he describes the realities of family legacy, “Legacy is what we put in motion for the future. Do we instill in our children and grandchildren a set of values they can live by and, in turn, build into future generations? What stories do we pass on that can be shared from one generation to the next? Do we pass on traditions, rituals, and rhythms that still carry on? I love the idea of some future generation still gathering together, still singing the song of the previous generations. Perhaps they don’t know where it came from, but they still believe it.”

These are powerful questions that will enable us to create our family culture and define our family identity.

I know this is something that I want to intentionally initiate and perhaps you would want to do the same?

Every effort invested here will empower the generations to come and assure that great eternal realities will be encouraged and embraced.

Family Legacy Requires Us To Live Looking Forward

One great challenge for sure but also a call that we can not ignore.

I know I am in … and you?

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