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Sincere, Sacrificial Love In Action … Driven By Authenticity

Perhaps the greatest need in our world today is something that comes at a great cost to us!

There is a profound sense of divisiveness, fragmentation, and rancor. We have seemingly lost all civility and the commitment to care.

We are His hands and feet … but sadly we have very little to offer Him because we have become caught up in lesser things.

There are deeply concerning issues and events facing us, there is no doubt about that … but the call to serve our world with authenticity remains.

Where and how we take our stand matters … more today than ever before.

Our world needs to see a powerful demonstration of …

Sincere, Sacrificial Love In Action … Driven By Authenticity

In reality, this is the essence of the “Christ-life” that we are called to live.

The initial teachings of Jesus in Matthew 5 make this crystal clear for us. We are instructed to know just who we are to be and what we are to do. I would encourage you to review these words of Jesus again. His words are provocative and the way we are to live is well defined and documented.

Matthew 5 opens with what has often been referred to as the “Sermon on the Mount.” The main focus is on Jesus preparing His disciples to fully know how they can realize His blessing and why they will receive them.

Please take note of verses 13-16 … as they clearly articulate how we then should live. The impact of all of us living in such a manner will indeed change the world.

And, it does not end there!

Peter Amsterdam in his article. “God’s Love For Humankind”, says this, “The apostle James also wrote that the true practice of faith consists of both outward and inward action. Outward toward others in practical ways, and inward through devotion to God.

The exact words of James 1:27 say this, “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

The mandate we have been given is thoroughly vetted in the scriptures. There is no ambiguity … and the example of full engagement is ours to embrace.

All that remains to be seen is the authenticity of our hearts to own our calling and to pursue it relentlessly.

Sincere, Sacrificial Love In Action … Driven By Authenticity

Jesus was merciful, He showed kindness, He fed the hungry and He healed the afflicted. He fought against evil and unrighteousness.

To all of these things, we must say yes!

Yes to constantly showing love to others, yes to sharing compassion with those in need, and yes to being moved to authentic action.

Sincere, Sacrificial Love In Action … Driven By Authenticity

This opens the way for some amazing things to happen. Things that can heal hurts, mend brokenness, and bring great renewal and revival.

There is nothing that rivals this … so let’s do our very best to see these things come to pass,

I know I am in … and you?


2020 THEME
Rendering Ourselves Empty … In Order To Receive His Plenty!

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