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Moments Of Reflection … Are Always Tailored Supernaturally!

Moments Of Reflection … Are Always Tailored Supernaturally!

From the moment that I decided to “wholly” follow the Lord, I have loved, even lived for “moments of reflection”.

Admittedly, I had been exposed to the concept in a very positive way.

My maternal grandparents were very devout and longed to honor God in every way. I often saw my grandfather reading his Bible and I often heard grandpa and grandma praying together.

My mom always wanted to gather us, her four children, in a little huddle and have us take turns praying and then she would pray over us. When my dad surrendered his life to Christ, he and mom would pray together every morning.

Not surprisingly, I grew up in a church where lingering in prayer, seeking Him alone was passionately encouraged and powerfully exampled.

With all of this, I did not instinctively include prayer in my life … but I always knew that it mattered … and that just a whispered word of prayer had the power to change everything!

Moments Of Reflection … Are Always Tailored Supernaturally!

The foundation of my personal faith journey is built on these realities …

▪ I know that my life is Father-filtered
▪ I know that the orchestrated movements of my life are truly ordained moments
▪ I know that each one of them is ” tailored spernaturally” … just for me

Recently, I discovered this quote by Lacey Sturm … and it resonated with me so profoundly, “There are sacred moments when life catches you up in its beautiful mystery. Suddenly everything feels heavy and connected. You want to weep and cheer at the same time. You come away empowered, fully alive.”

I know those moments … and I can assure you that God has moments just like this for you!

Moments Of Reflection … Are Always Tailored Supernaturally!

It seems that the strength of our life and the source of our faith is in the “moments of reflection” … if we can simply come away we will discover that He has come near and literally fills … even floods these moments of reflection with His glory and goodness … and all that we experience is “tailored supernaturally”.

These moments are not passive … they are powerfully meaningful … and they are intimately personal!

Recently I recounted just a few of the glorious things that were delivered to me in a moment of reflection … things that I believe God will deliver to you

▪ they teach us the greatest life lessons
▪ they turn our hearts in the most amazing ways
▪ they train us to stand strong
▪ they transform us on every level
▪ they take us back to powerful places and into pleasant places

Moments Of Reflection … Are Always Tailored Supernaturally!

This is too great of a gift to reject or resist … so I invite you to receive it … from Him … each one tailored supernaturally … just for you!

I am all in … and you!


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