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It Is A Great Love That Carries Us To Kindness!

Last weekend I enjoyed a church service in metro Manilla that profoundly touched my heart for a variety of reasons and all of them supported this important reality.

It Is A Great Love That Carries Us To Kindness!

As is often true, my heart was drawn to the open expressions of kindness that I felt and experienced from the moment I entered the sanctuary. Smiles everywhere, warm greetings, the offering of a bottle of cold water and sincere expressions of appreciation for being with them.

As the service opened there was an almost immediate sense of a deep passion, a longing really in the hearts of all those gathered to encounter the purity and the power of the presence of a loving God.

Though not spoken, it was clear that they had come to understand that …

It Is A Great Love That Carries Us To Kindness!

In fact, one of the songs they sang that morning had this phrase in it. I suppose what made this simple phrase stand out was that I was seeing the connection on display all around me. The desire to embrace the great love of God was not for personal gain … not at all! These dear people wanted the great love of God to carry them to kindness. They were asking the Lord to fill them with great love so they could pour out kindness on others.

Later I learned that this church, led by a Convoy of Hope leader, provides a hot meal to 70 children and their families every Sunday after service. A home cooked meal, prepared and served … every Sunday. Also, many of them are volunteers for Convoy of Hope and they have served tirelessly in disaster responses. They give and keep on giving. They serve and keep on serving. They love and keep on loving.

One would expect compassion fatigue, or that this kind of engagement would only last for a season.

Certainly, if these expressions of kindness were based on personal motivation, or driven by a need, or done as a personal favor for someone that would be true.

However, when it is a great love that carries you to kindness … it moves beyond all of that.

Kindness is more than a moment, more than a movement and even more than a mandate.

Kindness is the manifestation of the great love of God!

Thank you, Pastor Raul and Risen Savior Ministries for making this so abundantly clear for me!

It Is A Great Love That Carries Us To Kindness!

We too can live in such a manner … and if we do that we can indeed change the world.

Our world is desperate for kind people who are carried to kindness by the great love of God.

It is for this that I am praying!

– Terry –

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