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Focus Is The Gateway … So Get It Right!

I have been thinking a lot about focus … again!

▪ Because I know how much it matters … without it, potential is limited.
▪ Because I know it’s value … without it, the power for living is lost.
▪ Because I want to succeed … without it, possibilities linger unfulfilled.

Focus Is The Gateway … So Get It Right!
Dr. Jim Taylor in his article, “Focus Is the Gateway to Business Success” makes his case for this. He acknowledges that focus does not get the respect it deserves and he is correct.

Focus Is The Gateway … So Get It Right!
Focus, is a popular business mantra, it is at the core of meaningful life development and it is what makes a real change process possible. As diverse as these streams may seem to be … they are all driven by proper focus.

The reality is that long before focus was embraced in all of these places … it was a well-established biblical principle.In the scriptures, we are constantly reminded to be single-minded, to live without distraction and to fix our eyes on things above. To focus on Christ alone … and all things eternal.The more we are “spiritually focused” the more we will succeed in every sector of our lives.

This is the simplicity of the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:33, ” But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these other things will be given to you as well.

Focus Is The Gateway … So Get It Right!
The truth is that focus often falls out of view for all of us, and that is fatal.It is a challenge to confront this, but it is critical that we take it on.

So get this right at all costs.It does matter, it seriously does!


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