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Time Together … Makes Us Better!

I love teams/teamwork, partners/partnership and networks/networking!

Nothing invigorates me like these things and I am at my best when I am deeply engaged in this kind of activity.

My greatest joy at the moment is leading and serving with the Convoy of Hope International Program team. We have almost 100 diverse and dynamic employees serving with us, plus interns, partners and a host of volunteers. Seeing the impact that our collective calling is having around the world is inspiring in every way

We cherish every moment that we have to be together, perhaps because our team is separated by great distances and we are so highly deployable.

Our conversations are rich, the camaraderie is robust and the sense of common call among us is remarkable.

Our relational connection is impressive and we know that what we share is not merely a matter of being intentionally crafted by us, it is matter of being divinely given to us by God.

In light of all of this, we instinctively know that …

Time Together … Makes Us Better!

Every time we come together we go away feeling …

▪ Spiritually renewed
▪ Relationally refreshed
▪ Professionally recalibrated

Time Together … Makes Us Better!

We share life at a deep and profound level because we have come to believe that we are better together! We love to connect, we long to collaborate and we have learned to, “honor God and each other in all that we do and say, engage in our task whole-heartedly and serve others passionately.”

Time Together … Makes Us Better!

It absolutely does … and I want to encourage you to discover what we have come to know for yourself, in new and exciting ways!

Believe me … it is worth it!

– Terry –

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