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Captivating, Capacity-Building Conversations

I have always enjoyed a great conversation!

In fact, my life has been profoundly impacted by people who spoke to me … those who came to instruct, inspire and increase my capacity.

Every significant shift in my life came as a result of a powerful conversation.

Actually, they are best described as … Captivating, Capacity-Building Conversations!

You must know about these …

▪ At times we converse with God … always very special!
▪ At times we converse with a family member or friend … always very stirring!
▪ At times we talk to ourselves … always very scary!

My point is that our lives, leadership, perspective and position are all impacted by the things that are spoken to us or over us.

Over the last year I have been engaged in a season of dramatic shift.

▪ I am in a new season of life, officially saying hello to senior discounts (though I do not ask for them, I am offered them just the same).
▪ I am in a new season of opportunity and while honored to serve, I am over my head.
▪ I am in a new season of responsibility and what I need to be and do has been shifted.

I like what I am seeing, I love how I am serving and I am sharing my life and ministry with a young, highly gifted, diverse and dynamic team.

I am seeking to be not just equal to the task … but to rise above in a way that can only be described as a, supernatual shift.

Now, more than ever, I need and am required to lead what I am describing as …
Captivating, Capacity-Building Conversations

The truth is that intimacy, interactivity, inclusion and intentionality matter more today than ever before. They encapsulate the logic and the language of this generation.

“Command and control” is giving way to …

Captivating, Capacity-Building Conversations

This is our new reality and we need to seek to make this shift as soon as possible.

In their article, “Leadership Is a Conversation,” that is published in the Harvard Business Review, Boris Groysberg and Michael Sind make this very case. Their article is provocative and thus, I urge you to read it if possible. (It is s free download). You can see it at …

We have work to do, people to reach and dynamic potential to release!

Captivating, Capacity-Building Conversations

This is our task now!

I am on it … how about you?

Come on now!!

– Terry –

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