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Archive: Northern Asia


Edmound Teo: Hong Kong

Global Church Conference Spotlight: Edmound Teo: Hong Kong As we prepare for the upcoming ‘Global Church Conference’ next April in Hong Kong, we are featuring leaders from the sponsoring churches…


Warren Reeve: Lighthouse Church Kuwait

Global Church Conference Spotlight: Warren Reeve: Lighthouse Church Kuwait As we prepare for the upcoming ‘Global Church Conference’ next April in Hong Kong, we would like to feature leaders from…


Teach English, Win Souls

Teaching English as a second language has long been an outreach tool for believers to connect with non-believers. But in the international church context the idea has great potential to…


Periscope Pops Up

Periscope is the current darling of social media. Barely three months old, the app was purchased by Twitter for $100 million and is taking the social media world by storm.…


Resource: International Churches and US Tax Exempt Status

Contact: Rick Wacek, CPA Email: Powerpoint Presentation: click here. Rick lived in Indonesia a number of years working with Wyclife. He now divides his time between Fairfax, Virginia…


Group Sharing Under 200

Group Sharing Under 200 (see additional article) Notes taken by Jeff Slaughter For revisions email Jeff at: Went around and share names and backgrounds. Best practice Christopher – Indonesia…


Leroy Cloud Notes

Tuesday Leroy Cloud Notes Leroy Cloud “I’m concerned that the baptism of the Holy Spirit isn’t being preached in the church today.” He shared stories about churches in places like…


Beijing International Christian Fellowship

Global ICN has churches in six regions; Africa, Asia Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean and Northern Asia. Each region now has a ‘champion’ whose role it is to help gather international…


Continental Theological Seminary Launches Institute of Islamic Studies

CTS’ new Institute of Islamic Studies offers intensive, one-week courses on Islam to prepare students for direct ministry to Muslims. Offered in an English-language international context, the courses involve classroom…

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