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Stewarding One’s Heart Is A Critical, Continual Effort!

Stewarding One’s Heart Is A Critical, Continual Effort!

I am so grateful to those who have intentionally and meticulously nurtured the wisdom of God into my life.

Faithful people, who simply gave me what they had been given and invited me to walk with them as they walked with God. I have had the honor to tell each of them, more than once, how much I treasure all that I was given.

Likely, your life story is much the same … and you too can call out the names of those who have done this very thing for you.

What a gift we have been given … it truly is a treasure … and it is something that we must protect and provoke.

I am aware of the challenging reminder that we are given in Luke 12:48, ” to whom much has been given, much will be required ”

We agree that much has been given to us but have we understood that much will now be required of us?

Stewarding One’s Heart Is A Critical, Continual Effort!

We are called to guard over all that has been given … and to assure that we grow and make consistent gains.

Clearly, this is the message of Proverbs 4:23, ” Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it ” Another version says it this way … ” Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life”

This is the work of a steward!

Listen to these words, ” We must become, above all, good stewards of our hearts. If we desire to receive the fullness of the blessings of God so that we can be of greater blessing to others, we must commit to invest the time and energy necessary to expand our hearts. Expanding our hearts requires a serious commitment to our spiritual growth and development. Taking time in this important area will keep us from squandering opportunities God provides.” (The Choice Driven Life)

As a steward, we are pro-actively promoting the presence of the fullness of God to abide in us and to assure that our hearts remain passionate for Him … in all things, at all times!

Stewarding One’s Heart Is A Critical, Continual Effort!

The article in “The Choice Driven Life” goes on to say this, ” As wise stewards of our hearts, we must beware of slipping into a state of complacency regarding God’s Word. We must be conscious that meditating on His Word day and night prepares us to prosper and increase. Ignoring this will bring about stagnancy in the things of God, limiting our hearts’ capacity to receive. No one purposely seeks stagnancy. No one wants to be dissatisfied and miss out on the good things that God wants to flow through us. Give expanding your heart the priority it deserves. Prepare yourself to receive the fullness of the blessings of God so that you can flow through greater blessing to others…the springs of life. ”

This is a call that we dare not cast aside … the call to steward our hearts!

Stewarding one’s heart is a critical, continual effort and …

▪ We know when we are getting it right and when we are not
▪ We know that it demands taking a deep look
▪ We know that changes must certainly be made
▪ We know that any lapse, leads to loss
▪ We know that our efforts are not in vain
▪ We know that all renewal begins within

There is nothing more important than taking on this task … there is too much to gain by saying yes to this … and too much to lose by saying no!

When we say yes to this … wholeheartedly, holding nothing back … we set a course for our lives that we will never regret!

Great is the reward of a faithful steward … great indeed!

I am in … and you?

– Terry –

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