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Resource: Children’s Ministry

Contact: Jay and Debbie Risner, KidLink International

All of you are facing situations with children not growing up in Christian homes.

I work in all six regions of the world. You see the hardness of the Muslim adults but the children are still vulnerable. When we go into the schools in Kenya, you can share the gospel, altar call, or go in with a team to one church, hit schools around it and plan crusade.

China – can’t share the gospel in the schools. I went in to the schools and shared high-character base program. Choices will affect you for eternity.  Was then asked to train some of the Communist Party leaders to help make their presentations ‘come alive’.

We look for every opportunity to get in where we need to go.  We held a Saturday neighborhood crusade in China – expected 12, had 75. Saw 18 kids, 3 adults raise hand for salvation. Pastor met with them afterwards and asked, ‘do you understand what you’ve done today?’ A 13-year-old girl said ‘I decided to follow Jesus not Buddha’. All 18 were at church the next day.

If we’re going to reach the world– we have to be intentional on what we’re doing to reach kids.

Six Key Things a Children’s Ministry Should Have

* Outreach and evangelism

* Christian education

* Discipleship

* Ministry involvement

* Fellowship opportunities.

* Leadership training (not just for workers, but also for parents, board, pastors)

Vision will keep workers there – guilt won’t.

Global children’s ministry network.

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