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You Know What Is Better Than “Starting Anew?” … “LIVING RENEWED!!”

At the dawning of every new year there is a sense of newness that inspires thoughts of new potential to be enjoyed, new possibilities to be embraced and new progress to be experienced!

Because the awareness of these things is so obvious for us to see, we always begin the new year with expectation and in some way we seek to find a way to engage with all that is promised.

We set goals, we make resolutions and we target changes that we should make. Even if we do not do these things … we think about them … because the reality of “starting anew” is a dominating reality. It breeds hope, it energizes us and it gives us life!

I love all of these things and I am an avid “starting anew” person!

But …

As much as the magic of the moment inspires us, generally, once the “new” wears off … all the good intentions fall away and tragically, the year becomes painfully ordinary. Though still rich in potential, possibilities and the promise of progress …. we end up living in all too familiar routines.

There is something we can do … and here it is!

We start believing this …

You Know What Is Better Than “Starting Anew?” … “LIVING RENEWED!!”

Once we shift our thinking, we can shift our focus from …

Expectation to execution
Dreamy plans to daily priorities
Talking about change to taking on the challenge of change

When we do these things we move from “starting anew” to “LIVING RENEWED” … and that changes everything!

We will see goals realized, resolutions fulfilled and targets met!

You Know What Is Better Than “Starting Anew?” … “LIVING RENEWED!!”

This is my desire for 2015 … and it is my hope for you as well!

Let’s go for it!


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