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21 Reasons Your Church or Ministry Needs a Mobile App

It’s no longer critical for churches to just have a website. Now, with the increased penetration of smartphone usage, churches now need websites that adapt to mobile environments (such as smartphones and tablets) as well as mobile apps.

According to a report issued by eMarketer, “By 2015, we project that 15 countries worldwide will have seen more than half their populations adopt smartphones. South Korea is the world leader in terms of smartphone penetration; Australia follows closely behind; and Japan will reach the 50% tipping point as well. Western Europe has the second-largest number of smartphone users, with 196.6 million. Individual countries with the largest number of smartphone users are China with more than 500 million users, followed by the USA with 163 million users.

In the blog post below, Matt McKee, CEO of ROAR, outlines 21 reasons your church or ministry needs a mobile app. To read, click here.

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