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Recommended Reading :: The Future Of The Global Church

Most pastors and missionaries are familiar with Patrick Johnstone’s prayer guide ‘Operation World’. Have you heard about his more recent book, ‘The Future of the Global Church’? In this book, Johnstone draws on his fifty years of experience in missions to challenge us with his bold vision of the global Christian church.
“’The Future of the Global Church’ weaves together the strands of history, demographics and religion to present a breath-taking, full-color graphical and textual overview of the past, present and possible future of the Church around the world. Through a thought-provoking glimpse into likely scenarios humankind may face in the next 40 years, ‘The Future of the Global Church’ identifies significant trends that are rarely or never addressed by today’s media and  highlights the impact of evangelical Christianity over the past two centuries, as well as the astonishing growth of Evangelicalism over the past half century. He focuses clearly on the unfinished task of world evangelization, with a special emphasis on the world’s 12,000 people groups–especially those that have had least exposure to the Gospel.”
For more information about the book and how to purchase a copy:

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