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Expat Connections

Looking for information on the expat community and experience in your city and country? Check these resources.
[Website – Anglio Info] [website – Expat-Blog] [website – Transitions Abroad]

Third Culture Kid Reading Resources

Whether you are a pastor of parents raising third culture kids (TCK’s) or raising a TCK yourself, you’ll find the books below valuable resources in navigating the murky waters of raising children and teens living outside their native culture. ‘Third Culture Kids Revised’ and ‘Writing Out of Limbo’ offer various perspectives, personal stories, and recommendations on how to raise happy and healthy TCK’s who appreciate their adopted culture as well as their native one.
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Service Planning Resource

Planning Center Online is a great program to help churches organize their worship songs,team members,schedules and services. Also offers e-mail, calendars and the ability to post videos and powerpoints for services. Variable monthly payment plans available according to team size.
[website – Planning Center]

Online Media Resource

Need an affordable theme or seasonal video, worship track, countdown video, or motion/still backgrounds? See All downloadable and affordable.

Praise Charts

Praise Charts offers thousands of worship chord charts, music and orchestrations. All are available in multiple formats and in all keys. Easy to choose, download and print. A real lifesaver for the worship leader and team. Basic chord charts are $1.95.

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